I am enough. And so are You.


“I am so tired of how hard we are on ourselves. Not attractive enough, not smart enough, not cool enough, not purpose-full enough, not spiritual enough, not flexible enough, not creative enough, not rich enough, not happy enough, not healthy enough, not sexy enough, not wise enough. It’s like a collective shame-fest that begins when we are born and continues until we are dead. Billions of us walking around convinced we are not something enough. Methinks we are missing the point. Just being alive on this mad planet demands that we are enough. That we are here means we are enough. How about if we begin every day with an ‘I am enough’ meditation? Yes, lets begin right now, “I am enough!” I AM ENOUGH! (And so are you).” -Jeff Brown



“Whenever you encounter someone who’s trying to become a better person, someone who’s learning, someone who’s growing, someone who’s living their truth, and you’re not ready to add value to their life, just respect them, their path, and their energy, and admire them from afar. Please don’t interrupt their becoming. Don’t try to dull their fucking shine.” -Creig Crippen 

‘We ARE simply and utterly worth fighting for.’ Jeff Brown

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“Sometimes we forget how far we have traveled while we are looking ahead to the next steps. Good to lie down and remember what it took to get this far, all those karmic hoops we had to jump through, all those overcomings. Good to stroke our face with love and to remind ourselves how much courage it took and who we would have become if we hadn’t braved the journey. Good to say ‘thank you’ to the inner spirit that walks within and beside us, whispering sweet somethings in our inner ear, reminding us that we are simply and utterly worth fighting for. We ARE simply and utterly worth fighting for.”

-Jeff Brown

Rhythms and Roads by Victoria Erickson

I have so much respect, appreciation and admiration for all of you fascinating people out there burning with intention, creating, recreating, falling, dusting and rising. 

You really don’t realize how brilliantly beautiful you are, breaking old beliefs and grasping your bliss. 

I realize it’s ridiculously hard and messy but you can do ridiculously hard and messy things. 

Are you shaken? 

Good. Keep going. 

You were shaken before and here you are. 

Still standing. Doing this. 

Shining and expanding and gloriously undefined.

-Victoria Erickson, from the soon to be published ‘Rhythms and Roads’ 


‘Love is a beautiful word. True love includes a sense of responsibility and accepting the other person as they are, with all their strengths and weaknesses. If you only like the best things in a person, that is not love. You have to accept the weaknesses and bring your patience, understanding, and energy to the relationship. In true love, there’s no separation or discrimination. Their happiness is your happiness. Their suffering is your suffering.’

 -Thich Nhat Hahn

Beyond Our Comfort Zone by Pema Chodron


“Compassion is threatening to the ego. We might think of it as something warm and soothing, but actually it’s very raw. When we set out to support other beings, when we go so far as to stand in their shoes, when we aspire to never close down to anyone, we quickly find ourselves in the uncomfortable territory of “life not on my terms.” The second commitment, traditionally known as the Bodhisattva Vow, or warrior vow, challenges us to dive into these noncozy waters and swim out beyond our comfort zone.

Our willingness to make the first commitment is our initial step toward relaxing completely with uncertainty and change. The commitment is to refrain from speech and action that would be harmful to ourselves and others and then to make friends with the underlying feelings that motivate us to do harm in the first place. The second commitment builds on this foundation: we vow to move consciously into the pain of the world in order to help alleviate it. It is, in essence, a vow to take care of one another, even if it sometimes means not liking how that feels.”-Pema Chodron

(From her book Living Beautifully With Uncertainty and Change)

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“It is not my experience that we are here to fix the world, that we are here to change anything at all. I think we are here so the world can change us. And if part of that change is that the suffering of the world moves us to compassion, to awareness, to sympathy, to love, that is a very good thing.” ~ Cheri Huber


Live Export Australia 



“We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.” ― Albert Schweitzer 

I seldom blog about political issues, however I feel a moral obligation to share my musings on this topic. I’m frustrated, saddened and quite angry about this topic and I know that I’m not alone.

My beautiful home country of Australia must find its moral compass and ban the abhorrent practice of the exportation of live stock. I’ve been a strong advocate for the banning of this export for quite some time and over the past few years some absolutely shocking evidence has been exposed within the industry.  These animals are subjected to deplorable and cruel treatment both during their transit and at their international destinations. I won’t list specific incidences that have been documented as quite frankly I find it sickening. I will say that video evidence has shown that these animals are often injured during their voyage, are being killed by slow, cruel methods on arrival and some even tortured for ‘entertainment’ by some workers. (I sincerely hope karma is a real thing and that the worker’s time will come.)

I do appreciate that the government is in a very difficult position in addressing this issue.  It is an estimated $800 a million a year business that many rural communities depend on. Both political parties have pledged to tighten restrictions on live exporting and ‘improve’ the practice. And despite public outrage whenever new evidence emerges, both parties have moved quickly to assure the agricultural community of the continuance of this industry in the future. The Australian Government has made it clear that they have no intention of banning the live export of animals any time soon.

My question is, how will tighter restrictions ever make any meaningful difference to the welfare of these animals? Once these cattle and sheep leave our shores, how they are treated is a crapshoot. The only way to regulate the industry is for the animals to be slaughtered on Australian soil. My belief is that a shift from live export to boxed meat is more humane alternative that won’t negatively impact the economy nor the farmers. Am I an economist? Hell no. I almost failed Economics in high school. But surely this is something that they should be considering as a viable alternative?

If you are interested in finding out more please go here and sign the petition to end live export. http://www.banliveexport.com/

If you need more motivation, check out this ridiculously adorable lamb.



Jeff Brown’s Balm for the Heart

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Image from Jimmy Law Images
“So many of us walk the planet overwhelmed with self-hatred, our earth suits riddled with bullets forged in the fires of shame. For too many, their experience of normal includes beating themselves up for simply being human… How very sad, and deeply unnecessary. So much brilliance lives below our shame shackles… We need to honor and validate each other. We need to build the healthy ego. We need to help free each other from our shame shackles. We need to meet each other with compassion for this very difficult human journey…”
Jeff Brown

‘You’re doin’ great’ ~Neale Donald Walsch

“Your light is seen, your heart is known, your soul is cherished by more people than you might imagine. If you knew how many others have been touched in wonderful ways by you, you would be astonished. If you knew how many people feel so much for you, you would be shocked. You are far more wonderful than you think you are. Rest with that. Rest easy with that. Breathe again. You are doing fine. More than fine. Better than fine. You’re doin’ great. So relax. And love yourself today.”

~Neale Donald Walsch