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Hi, I’m Bridey. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Originally from Australia, I now reside in northern California with my husband, my baby girl Eva and two fur babies. I like it here; the Bay Area is pretty chill and is a beautiful place to live if you leave the city limits.

So why ‘Paging Mrs Zen’? That name came about after surviving a grueling a 10-day, silent meditation ‘retreat’ (vipassana). It occurred to me that I was on a journey to find and create some much needed inner peace and zen. I awakened to the fact that no-one or any external thing would bring me lasting peace, rather that’s an inside job.

I use this blog basically as a place to store some of my favorite pieces of writing that I find inspiring. Most of it, if not all, has ties to mindfulness which is really at the core of my daily practice. Much of the content can be found on my instagram page, which I love using as a way to connect with others. I use wordpress to share lengthier pieces. I really enjoy reading the works of Jeff Foster, Osho, Ram Dass, Pema Chödrön, Mooji and any other spiritual teacher that shares a message of mindfulness, love and connectedness.

Thanks for dropping by!

Bentley and Bella, doing what they do best; sleeping all day and hogging the sofa.




11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I found your blog very interesting & motivating for the benefit of the many. Now being on early stage, it is a high time to meditate 1 hour twice a day, Do regular group sittings with dhamma brothers & sisters, Give service in the courses, do 10 days course every year. only then the we will feel & people will see a permanent & positive impect of vipassana on our self.

    Let’s sprhead happiness. Much metta for you.

    A Dhamma brother from Jaipur


    Sharing an interesting interview on vipassana meditation :


  2. Hey Bridey, lovely to meet you (I found you via Zen and the Art of Everyday Living).
    Love the feel of your blog which already resonates with me on a deep level.
    Cheers and warmest wishes from Australia.

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