“Many of us walk Earth as strangers to ourselves, not knowing what is true, why we feel what we feel, actively working to repress experiences or ideas that are too jarring for us to integrate. It is an interesting paradox occurring in the human mind, we run away from what we do not want to face, from what brings feelings of pain, and from problems we don’t have answers to, but in our running away from ourselves we are also running away from our own freedom.
It is through the observation of all that you are and accepting this with honesty and without judgment that one is able to release the tension that creates delusions in the mind and walls in the heart. This is why the keys to your freedom are in your darkness, because when one accepts their darkness by bringing their light of observation, the ego dissipates into nothingness and the unconscious becomes conscious.

The mind is full of shadows, things we do not want to face or cannot even begin to understand, but luckily all shadows cannot withstand the patience and perseverance of light – our minds can become like stars, powerful united fields of the pure light, the only difference is that our energy will dwell in awareness and wisdom. Sending love to all beings! ” -Yung Pueblo


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