The Hungry Child


‘One of the great challenges for those who have survived abusive and neglectful parents is that there is often a part of us that is still waiting for them to love us, even if there is very little chance of that happening. Locked in an archaic mindset, we continue to go back for more, looking for love in all the wrong places. Somehow we imagine that they will come around one day, realize their mistakes, see our worth, soften those armored edges. And some do, often when they are very old, made vulnerable by sickness and time. But many don’t, and we need to stop putting our emotional lives on hold waiting for something that may never happen. The bridge from stagnation to empowerment lies in our willingness to see them for who they really are, to take them off their primal pedestal and recognize their human limitations. This is not easy- the hungry child self clings to illusions- but it is oh so necessary. Until we accept the reality of who can’t love us, we cannot embrace the love of those who can.’-Jeff Brown


6 thoughts on “The Hungry Child

  1. Wow. I’m struggling with this so much right now. This was a wonderful share.
    Heartbreaking…so true. Very complex. Maybe very simple at the same time.
    On a side note, what isss the point of auto correct?? Lol. I spend more of my time correcting it? :))))
    xxx CC

    • I’ve struggled with this for my past twenty years CC, only now am I finally making some serious progress. On an intellectual level you know that an apology or realization will never come, but on an emotional level you secretly hope for one.

      Re autocorrect, it ‘ducks’ balls and I’m considering turning it off! 😆

      • Twenty years. Hmm. Sounds like you are making great progress, then.
        Because yes, it’s very tough. Oh stings more sometimes than emotion.
        Ignorance is not really bliss, though, because it doesn’t truly exist.

        And hahaha!!!! It does “duck” balls and I didn’t even know I could turn it off. I’ve got to figure out how to do this!!! :))))

      • Yep, my husband mentioned that he turned off autocorrect on his iphone. I think I ll do the same. No idea how to turn it off in the WordPress app. If you figure it out, teach me! 🙏🏼

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