Don’t Believe Everything You Think


“Because I think or feel anxious, that doesn’t mean that I am anxious. It means I am experiencing the symptoms of anxiety, not that I am anxiety. If I am aware of now, then I notice these symptoms as they elevate my heart rate, dry my mouth, place intrusive thoughts in my mind, and push me toward ‘fight or flight response.’ By noticing these sensations, I can be an observer of them and no longer a slave to them. I choose to identify them and give them a name. I choose to look at them in their stupid faces. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but I have learned to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. I do not need to compensate for the things I feel or believe because they are simply thoughts and sensations that cannot harm me.”

~Greer Parry


4 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Everything You Think

  1. These type of posts have helped me so much.
    I was at my doctor the other day. I have another sinus infection. Lol.
    She was shaking. I said to her, you have been trembling the last few times I’ve been to see you.
    I am worried.
    She is so very kind to me.
    She said she was upset over rules at work. Of course she couldn’t go into it.
    But she seems so stressed every time I’ve been in.
    This may seem odd but we have a great relationship as far as practioner/patient. She does I’m sure with many.
    As I was leaving she gave me a hug and I told her maybe try mindfulness, it had really been helping me.
    I had to sort of laugh at the look on her face.
    Her biggest anxiety girl patient suggesting mindfulness! Ha! She was like really. I was like well not like all the time but definitely yes. Lol.
    I thought I would share that.
    She got a big smile.
    Love this post. I need constant reminders.
    Now to see how well I caught Auto correct. Which I thought was the point of auto correct. Lol.
    Much love, Mrs Zen

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