“I eventually came to understand that in harboring the anger, the bitterness and resentment towards those that had hurt me, I was giving the reins of control over to them. Forgiving was not about accepting their words and deeds. Forgiving was about letting go and moving on with my life. In doing so, I had finally set myself free. ” Isabel Lopez


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  1. I would never have hit the like button on a forgiveness post of any kind in the past.
    I was not there, not even close. I’m getting there.
    Even if there means simply realizing and understanding the beauty and meaning of these words for myself and my life.
    Thanks for always sharing on the topic.
    xx, CC

    • I post so much about forgiveness as I’ve found it so challenging at times CC. Like you, I’m getting much better at it, especially at understanding it’s more about me and my freedom then the person/s involved. We’ve both come such a long way Lovely. I thought about you today and then you wrote. 🌷🌷🌷

      • I just want to say, letting go of anger has been extremely difficult for me. Mainly because of my children. I wanted retribution. I think, if it was only myself, it would be easier. Still difficult, but far less painful and much less a desire to retaliate.
        I am a generally forgiving person. Some things are unforgivable. But I do agree that letting go is a form of forgiveness you give yourself.
        Knowing you and this blog has taught me so much. Please know that.
        I’ve not come all that far. I’ve come as far as knowing I have to let go. I’ve worked hard to get there.
        I’m more at peace. I don’t put pressure on myself. I’m learning to let it come. Every emotion. Every stage. I breathe a lot.
        Some days I can’t and that’s ok, too.

      • CC I understand. 🌷Some things are unforgivable, some pains and wounds too severe. Some peoples behavior is inexcusable. But please don’t ever down play how far you’ve come or use forgiveness or there lack of as a measurement. It’s not always the goal. You are doing incredibly, there are no words for me to express how proud I am of you. 💓💓💓

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