“Oh, sweetheart. Life is overwhelming for you at times, l know. Don’t listen to the ones who call you over-sensitive or too weak for this world. Your sensitivity is exquisitely beautiful!
But you must learn to stay close to yourself. You must learn to breathe. To invite curious attention deep into your body.

Allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, and you won’t be overwhelmed, I promise. It’s just a feeling. A precious part of you longing for love. It will pass when it’s ready. Let it stay awhile. Don’t pretend to be strong, the one who has it all ‘figured out’.

There will be time for answers soon enough. Now, simply give ‘the overwhelmed one’ safe passage in your heart. Drench the feeling of overwhelm with gentle attention; bathe it in overwhelming love.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes, it really is. Even the strongest feel overwhelmed, for their strength lies in their vulnerability. Your sensitive nervous system is perfect, and l love you for it. And it’s all okay, here. It’s really okay, here in the arms of the present moment.”

 ~Jeff Foster


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