Unbreakable- Jeff Foster



You do not heal from trauma, and nobody heals you either. You simply reconnect with that sacred place in yourself that was never traumatized, never broken, never damaged in the first place; your true Self, absolute and ever-present, innocent and free.
It is not a destination; it is You, alive and awake in the moment.

Know yourself as the Absolute, and let all thoughts and feelings move through you, however intense or uncomfortable. The forms pass, they always pass, and You remain.

You are not broken; you are Unbreakable.

– Jeff Foster


One thought on “Unbreakable- Jeff Foster

  1. “God placed eternity in our hearts”
    Christ is the wholeness , completion, perfection of eternity that lacks nothing and once made manifest in Jesus can now be made manifest in human beings through the Holy Spirit, the exact image and likeness of God, the Creator of heaven and earth! Reunited with our First Love we are healed, made whole, complete, perfect and lack nothing for eternity!
    May all humanity know the truth and the truth will set us all free!

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