I didn’t write this, a fellow instagram user did. However, I love the way they simplify mindfulness and the need to be present. I often find pragmatic reminders resonate so much more.

“Nearly all of humanity suffers from the condition of focusing too much on the past or future. So much of our time is spent clinging to what has gone and anxiously fantasizing and anticipating what has yet to come. As a result, we miss out on much of what is happening in our lives right here and now, in the present moment. Constantly dwelling in our thoughts causes us to be out of touch with the moment, and when we are out of touch with this moment, we are out of touch with life. Learn to take a break from all of the mental noise and enjoy the peaceful silence of your presence and awareness.

Return your attention to this moment. Be here and now. There is an entire universe existing in front of you, which you are an intricate part of, where something new and unknown is happening at every moment. The only time you don’t experience each moment as something new is when you compare the moment to what is already known by your mind. You may compare this moment to any other moment, but the two will never be the same. Look around you, notice your environment, feel the sensations of whatever is contacting your awareness, be attentive to your surroundings.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about the past or future, as long as it does not make you lose touch with what is happening now. This moment is what is really important. The more you focus on living in the present moment, the less problems your mind will create, and the happier you will be.”

Written by @conscious_collective on instagram



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