Act of Self-Love

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“It’s amazing how much energy we can channel into chasing love and approval from those who cannot offer it. It’s like the self-concept gets enmeshed with the wrong people- the neglectful ones, the abusive ones, the ones who have yet to move from love. And then the mesh turns into a prison, locking us inside of our own longing, waiting for a liberator that will never come. Because some people cannot love- they just can’t. Some people cannot stop taking their misery out on others, and locking you in with their unresolved pain. The greatest act of self- love is to let them slip back into their darkness, and to walk towards your own light. It doesn’t matter who they are- parents, siblings, partners, colleagues. Let them go. Grant yourself permission to be loved. God or Providence or whatever you call it already stamped you with supreme approval. That you are here is evidence of your inherent value. No need to look for it in those humans who cannot give it. No need to wait on the impossible ones. Begin with those who recognize your value, begin in the mirror. Stay there until you see what has always been true. There’s a lighthouse in your soul, shining bright through your divine countenance.”

-Jeff Brown




6 thoughts on “Act of Self-Love

  1. So glad to see you, Mrs. Z..I am working on some changes on my blog..sort of starting fresh..just going to be me..taking forever to take down the posts..I think you missed my goodbye from everyone I was just letting you know…but new beginnings are a good thing..
    Hope you are well…Much love, CC

    • I did miss it! When did you post your goodbye?? You’re still writing, but none of the others CC? New beginnings are a good thing, a cleanse is always a good idea. I just hope that I get to see you on here. I’d really miss chatting with you!!

      • Yep, my start over worked! was a lot of work..but was kind of like mindfulness..but it is the same blog..a little different focus..I have missed you, too..but I’m still here and still writing..and still following your awesome blog.. 🙂

      • So happy for you CC, and happy for me that I get to continue to follow your journey. 😝 I haven’t been on as much lately as I’ve been unwell with Lyme again. A reluctantly familiar place to be. Working on getting well again. Thank you for filling me in on details. Good for you girl! 🤘🏻

      • I was worried about that. I just had a feeling. I’m so sorry to hear this.
        Yes, be gentle with yourself. It gets hard, I know. I’ll be here following you as well. As a friend.
        You’ve come to mean a lot to me. Be well. I have many posts to read through to catch up. You spread so much light into this world.
        Love to you my friend

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