Our Tender Places- Jeff Foster



“It’s easy to say “I love you”.
It’s easy to talk about love,
and presence, and awareness,
and a deep acceptance of what is.

It’s easy to teach,
to say things that sound true,
and good, and spiritual.
But they are just words.
There is a world before words.

When anger surges, as it will, can you stay close, and not numb it, or lash out?

When fear bursts in the body, can you breathe into it,
and not fuse with it, or run away into stories?

When you feel hurt, rejected, unloved, abandoned,
can you make room for that feeling,
welcome it in the body,
bow to its intensity, its fire, its presence,
and not attack, or act out, or call people names?

Can you commit to not abandoning yourself now that you need your own love the most?

It’s easy to talk about love.
It’s easy to teach.
Until our old wounds are opened.
Until life doesn’t go our way.

What triggers you
is inviting you
to a deeper self-love.
Can you see?

There is no shame in this:
We all have tender places.”

~Jeff Foster


2 thoughts on “Our Tender Places- Jeff Foster

  1. Mrs. Zen…I surely know that God is working in my life through you and the things you are sharing here! Wow! I am currently facing a very, very difficult medical situation that will affect me emotionally and physically and deals w/ my chronic pain. What I would like to happen, indeed what “should” happen, is not going to (or the chance is miniscule). I am running into so many roadblocks to the alternative path and it seems that no one truly cares; at least not enough to help me. I am, quite frankly, scared; very much. And terribly frustrated! And yet, I am trying to hard to keep my love, to keep my faith and hope, to not lash out at my family (including my sweet dogs!) I am on such edge that I am leaning towards cranky and short tempered and really trying not to be. These words that you have shared were absolutely and completely *perfect* for me today! They are a touchstone for remaining the person that I am, the way I live my life, and such an encouragement for me on this day, especially. I am grateful for *you*, having found your blog and for God’s helping me through it! A great big thank you to you, too!! Much love, peace and blessings, S

  2. Sara I feel for you. 🌷💓😌I’m so sorry you’re enduring this right now. I know you suffer from chronic issues and you must be feeling worse than usual. Unfortunately I can relate. I’m going through a Lyme relapse and like you I’ve had moments of frustration, feeling so over it, and completely overwhelmed. It’s f$(ked.

    All I can say is allow room for all of your emotions. They’ll all completely valid. Chronic illnesses like you say take a toll not only on our riddled bodies, but our emotions too. Sometimes it becomes too much too hold it all together. I had a massive cry last week, big chat to my husband and we came up with strategies to help me and my health.

    I read something yesterday that gave me some peace too. It was “The wise choice is to surrender and decide that no matter what this moment contains, things are happening for your growth.” I know it’s not easy to do and we get so caught up in resisting pain and situations, but not accepting it only causes more pain and anguish. I have to believe that this experience is what is needed for me. It’s a tough sell but I do honestly believe it’s true.

    I’m so glad that Jeff Foster’s words helped you today. Don’t ever forget that you’re loved, that you’re not forgotten by God and that this situation will change. Give it up, surrender and allow the help you need to come to you.

    Namaste Sara.

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