Get Real- Jeff Brown


Photographer Erkin Demir

“I know we often want it all happy and positive, but that’s just not where much of humanity is. Many of us are overwhelmed with pain, undigested sadness, unexpressed anger, unseen truths. This is where we are at, as a collective. So we have two choices. We can continue to pretend it’s not there, shame and shun it in ourselves and others, distract and detach whenever possible. Or we can face it heart-on, own it within ourselves, look for it in others with compassion, create a culture that is focused on authenticity and healthy emotional release. If we continue to push it all down, we are both creating illness and delaying our collective expansion. But if we can just own the shadow, express it, release it, love each other through it, we can finally graduate from the School of Heart Knocks and begin to enjoy this magnificent life as we were intended. Pretending the pain isn’t there just embeds it further. Let’s illuminate it instead.”

~ Jeff Brown


2 thoughts on “Get Real- Jeff Brown

  1. The therapist (and human!) in me is cheering! Yes, recognize the pain, stress, sadness, etc in ourselves and each other and feel and show compassion for it. ❤ Oh, what our world would be like with more compassion for our fellow human beings! It is, however, a fine line between not stuffing it, feeling and showing compassion and setting up camp and living in it, dwelling on it. I believe we need to strike this balance to truly be at peace with ourselves and each other., just as Mr. Brown has expressed. Another great quote from Mrs. Zen 🙂 xoxo Love, Peace and Blessings, Sara

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