Awaken-Jeff Foster



“Nobody else is responsible for your feelings. This realization can end the blame game once and for all, and leave you standing in your true place of power – the present moment.

Yes, others may trigger pain and sorrow in you, they may contribute to the field in which your old, unresolved pain can resurface, but they cannot make you feel how you feel.

Nobody can make you happy, nobody can make you unhappy. You are only invited, constantly, to meet what remains unmet in yourself, to touch what you never wanted to touch in yourself, to explore the field.

Making others responsible for how we feel is the beginning of all violence, both internal and external, all conflict between people, and ultimately all wars between nations.

Let others off the hook. Honor what is alive in you right now. Learn to hold your own feelings like beloved children, however intensely they burn and scream for attention.

Celebrate the aliveness in your hurt, the vibrancy of your disappointment, the electricity of your sadness. Kneel before the power in your anger, honor its burning creativity.

From this place of deep acceptance, you do not become weak and passive. Quite the opposite. You simply enter the world from a place of non-violence, and therefore immense creative power, and you are open to the possibility of deep listening, honest dialogue, and unexpected change.

In suffering you become small. In love, anything is possible.” ~Jeff Foster


4 thoughts on “Awaken-Jeff Foster

  1. Just in case you’re wondering who out in the world you posted this for today, it’s me. There’s a bit of crazy around these days and with the exhaustion, lack of sleep and high levels of stress that go along w/ moving I had begun to participate….oops! Not good! 😉 I’ve been working on my meditation and prayers and this wisdom was absolutely perfect to add to what I’ve got/done already. Thank you, Mrs. Zen! We are loving being back in WA state ❤ Our souls feel so much more at peace just being here and we're blessed to be living in the woods right now in a very nice and large 5th wheel camper with lots of amenities. Reminds us of our camping days, but we had a bed, kitchen, bathroom, shower and tv! LOL Thanks again, friend.

    • Oh man, you made my day! ☺️Thanks. Gosh moving is so exhausting. Even when you’re being mindful it’s still very tiring. So glad this resonated with you. And it really sounds like your taking care of yourself. All parts of yourself. Rest up tonight! Xx 🌷🌷🌷

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