Letting Go Meditation

Huge thanks to Richard, author of the supremely helpful blog Zen and the Art of Everyday Living. He recently blogged about a mindfulness meditation technique on letting go. I found it immensely helpful as I recently suffered the loss of my dog Bentley. When my monkey mind went into overdrive and when I wasn’t able to calm the agitation, this meditation helped me gain peace again. It’s a technique I’ve found most beneficial.

I hope you enjoy his post.


In Letting Go: The Path to Peace we looked at how important it is to develop the ability to let go of anything that is taking us away from peace in the present moment. This is such a fundamental practice both in meditation and everyday moment to moment living that I want to share with […]

via Let Go, Let Go, Let Go — Zen and the Art of Everyday Living


5 thoughts on “Letting Go Meditation

  1. That was a great post, Mrs Zen..I often try to just sit and close my eyes and say..”Let it go”..a pared down version..but it is soo helpful..really nice share…

    I am so very sorry about the loss of your dog..good thoughts your way… ❤
    Much love, CC

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