Breathe into Anger: Jeff Foster



Make room for anger when it comes to visit.
Soften around it.
Grant it safe passage through the body.
Don’t reject it, numb it, distract yourself.
Don’t call it ‘unspiritual’ or ‘negative’.
No need to lash out or attack; simply breathe.

In, out. In, out.

Inhale and exhale through the heart of anger.
It is only a feeling!
Saturate the belly, heart, throat and head with oxygen.
Drench anger with a loving awareness.
Let the sensations of anger surge, burn, throb, pulsate.
Let anger be alive, in the sacred moment.

And remove the word ‘anger’ completely.
Strip away the concept, attend to reality.

Know this will pass. This is only sensation.
Know this is not a mistake. This is only a moment.
Know this is not a sign of your weakness or failure.
Let all thoughts in the mind float past, too.

You are not anger.
You are not ‘the angry one’.
You are the home for anger, this powerful and misunderstood energy, this ancient burning, this calling to remember your worth.

Be the embrace of anger, its sanctuary, its safe place.
It is only trying to protect you; give it the breath of life,
and bow to its righteous power.

– Jeff Foster

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