A Mindful Moment by Jeff Foster



Drop any idea of ‘feeling better’.
Drop your concept of ‘happiness’, too.
(Happiness cannot be conceptualised anyway).
Let any dream of ‘peace’ fall away.

Let the image of
‘how this moment should be’
dissolve into the silent ground of Now.

Instead of trying to get ‘there’,
be here, fully, with the entire weight of your being.

Feel your body sink into the generous Earth.
Feel your belly rise and fall with each soft breath.

If there is sadness here, let it be.
If there is joy here, let it be.
If there is numbness here, let it be.
If there is uncertainty here, let it be.

If there is some unspeakable emptiness here, let it be.

Consider the possibility
that there is no mistake here.
No thought or feeling unwanted.
No appearance in the moment which is ‘against’ you.

Be what you are.
Be the vast Field, the limitless Space,
in which all thoughts and feelings come and go,
effortlessly, naturally.

Stop trying to get ‘there’.
Stop trying to ‘feel better’.
Stop rushing to FUTURE.
Bow to the PRESENT, exactly as it is.
Know its sacredness. Feel its warmth.

You may not feel ‘better’ right away,
but you will feel alive, grounded.
You may not get ‘there’,
but you will fall in love with HERE,
which is
all there
really is.

– Jeff Foster 



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