Your Infinite Worth By Jeff Foster



‘For now, please do not abandon your precious body. Do not disconnect and leapfrog over your own experience in search of another one. You are not worthless here. Stay grounded in the breath. Offer sanctuary to the triggered feelings, the sore place inside. Make room for the frightened one, the sad one, the disappointed one, the lonely one. Expand so that you are an ocean, and let the waves of feeling come. Breathe into feelings; they will not harm you.

Your sense of self-worth is not dependent on what anyone else does or says or thinks of you or wants. You are neither worse nor better than anyone on the planet; you are the same Life, as alive as anyone, connected to what’s real, inhaling the same air.

You are not a victim for you are deeply connected to yourself, welcoming all of your thoughts and feelings like newborns, honoring your unique path, bowing humbly to the place where you stand Now, victorious on the road of love.

And owning the ground, lightly.’

– Jeff Foster


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