Stop. Breathe. Listen

Photo by Leah Robinson
Whatever is happening in the circumstances of your life, stop. Just for a moment.
Bring your attention towards the here-and-now. Let the moment become fascinating. Gently begin to acknowledge what is actually happening where you are. Come out of your conclusions about life, your dreams about past and future, and begin to notice the sensations, feelings, thoughts that are present, right here and right now. Let your present experience – sights and sounds and smells – become the most curious dance in all the universe. You are seeing, tasting, touching, hearing the world as if for the first time.
This is your Garden of Eden, your messy, intense, joyous and heart-breaking Garden of Eden, and you are awake to it at last.
Stop trying to figure everything out. Give in. Give up. Give all to the moment’s embrace. Fall into not knowing…’
~Jeff Foster

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