Words are funny little things packed with potent medicine…


‘Be careful what you say after “I Am”. Those two tiny words contain powerful magic.

Language tries to fix you in time and space, pressing PAUSE on the ever-changing dance that you naturally are. In reality, who you truly are can’t be fixed or defined, for you are alive and dynamic and resist all attempts at capture.

For example: “I am sad”? No. A wave of sadness is arising in the vast ocean that you are, an ocean that cannot be defined by either ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ or anything in-between, but allows all those feelings to come and go.

You are not sad – sadness comes and goes in you. You’ll find no sad person, no sad entity, no sad ‘thing’, no sad ‘me’, only the energy of sadness arising presently, energy that will dissipate, especially as it is allowed to move.

You are not sad – you are the home for sadness in this moment. You are not angry – you are the capacity for anger right now. You are not enlightened, ignorant, successful, or a waste of space – you are all of this, and none of it. You are infinite potential realising itself in this instant, and at no other time.

Use your magic wisely. Don’t turn yourself into stone.’

Jeff Foster (www.lifewithoutacentre.com)


3 thoughts on “Words are funny little things packed with potent medicine…

  1. I like this very much and agree that we “feel” things like sadness, anger, happiness, etc rather than actually *being* them. However, I think it’s a bit of a matter of semantics. As long as the speaker understands that the feeling is not *who they are* then it’s okay to say it. Ideally we could say it “I feel sad right now” or any of the ways you suggested. But, in some ways we tend to go with our speech patterns as we’ve always said them. Yes, in some ways words have power and indicate something in a certain way. I just think you’re point about us being fluid and growing and changing with different energies moving through us is the main point here. Hope I’m making sense here….I have fibromyalgia and that and sleep apnea has affected brain so that my words don’t always make sense 😉 Blessings and Peace to your heart and soul

    • I agree Sara. It is simply semantics in part. But it’s also a great reminder for me that thoughts and emotions are impermanent and you don’t have to believe everything you’re thinking or feeling. They’re transient/fluid/impermanent and with mindfulness you can become better at observing and releasing the thoughts/emotions that are preventing peace. They can simply rise and pass if you don’t become attached to them.

      Your comment made perfect sense! I’m so sorry that you are unwell at the moment. Sending blessings, healing vibes and positivity your way friend. 🙏😌💗

  2. I am paying a great deal of attention to mindfulness, yoga/meditation and growing spiritually right now in my life. It’s a big part of why I so appreciate your postings…they are very affirming and often offer new information to think about. xoxo
    I have had Fibromyalgia for over 25 years, so in many ways I have found ways to live with it and still make the most of each day. I have gathered other health and pain problems over the years and I have had more symptoms over the last few months, and I don’t seem to be coping with it as well as usual; frustrating. I appreciate your warm thoughts and healing vibes for I am sure I am receiving them. Blessings and peace, Sara

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