What You Resist Persists



Stop resisting! Mindfulness isn’t about preventing emotions such as sadness, anger and suffering. It’s about learning to identify emotions as they first appear and training the brain to simply observe without resistance or attachment and release it.  Watch the emotion rise, be the awareness behind the emotion and then let it dissolve.                                                                          

  I already shared this on my instagram page today but I couldn’t help but repost it again here. I think this is such a great reminder of the purpose of mindfulness in creating inner-peace and harmony.



7 thoughts on “What You Resist Persists

  1. Thank you, Mrs. Zen..I love this. Love how you share explanations like this. These have helped us sooooo much. ❤ Sending love and good thoughts to you always. CC

  2. I am enjoying your posts so very much after it was suggested that I visit your blog. It is speaking to a great deal of the personal growth I am doing right now, thus affirming my path. Thank you so much and I look forward to following you. Blessings and Peace to your heart and soul, Sara

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