Mindfulness and Unproductive Thoughts: Ask Deepak


I just love this question on mindful meditation and how to address those annoying thoughts that keep popping in. This was something I found quite challenging when I started practicing insight meditation. It’s not that I’ve mastered meditating now; it’s simply that I now know how to observe the stream of thoughts and not engage or relate to them. Sometimes we need that little reminder- we are not our thoughts. Observe them and let them go.


Dear Deepak,

I have read a lot about mindfulness practices a month ago, and I have been practicing observing my thoughts and emotions since then. But this feels very stressful to me because I can observe negative and unproductive thoughts coming in my mind, but I cannot stop them. They come spontaneously and create emotions in my body even when I don’t want them to come. And most of the times, the thoughts come and compel me to act, and when I regain my attention in the present, I have already acted upon those thoughts. How do I change this? So, that I get much more control over my mind and form positive thinking habits.


Mindfulness is not about stopping thoughts, it is the disinterested stance of awareness that observes thoughts as they come and go. That perspective shows you that you are not your thoughts, but rather your mind entertains thoughts. That develops self-awareness and that will undo the compulsion and reflexive action you feel in your thoughts currently. The instinct to act upon a thought is based on the unconscious beliefs held about that thought. Mindfulness will illuminate those unconscious beliefs and neutralize their compulsive, addictive hold on you.


Taken from https://www.deepakchopra.com/blog


4 thoughts on “Mindfulness and Unproductive Thoughts: Ask Deepak

  1. This is very beautiful and very powerful. Thank you for sharing this. I think this would be extremely hard for me to master, but I think if I could start with those small moments, it would be very worth trying. I am so grateful for this blog and all it’s beauty for and for you to share it.

    • Thanks CC! You always make me feel so good about my posts! 🙂

      Exactly as you say, try it and if only once you detach from the thought then you’ve been successful. I’ve found it really profound for detaching from emotions like anger or annoyance. An angry thought will suddenly rise and I feel it and then watch it like a spectator instead of tapping into it and embellishing it. I’ll sit back, observe it, without judgement, and I choose to let it go.

      You can choose to let thoughts go, distance yourself from them. It’s like your starving them of oxygen. I’m not saying it’ll be easy every time because sometimes they’re persistent little buggers and they come back again five minutes later! But when you do let it go, it feels pretty awesome.

      • hmmm..you explain that well…watch it like a spectator..now see I could practice that with lots of things..like things that are starting to make me anxious through the day, annoy me (I have two seventeen year olds 🙂 ) the anger would be harder…but if I could begin to get a hold of the process with those things…I could move on to the others….
        Thank you…sincerely..so much..and you should feel good about your posts..you are putting great energy into the universe… ❤

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