How Lyme Disease Was The Cure For My Dis-Ease

d5da51662429fd3128b923d4d7edf3b4These days I’m almost thankful that a tiny little tick bit me and gave me Lyme disease. This disease was the catalyst for some major changes in my life.  It took a formidable illness like Lyme to force me to quit my much loved career, slow down, and start to make the changes I needed to become a more balanced, mindful and inwardly peaceful individual.

After being quite unwell for many years, I was diagnosed with chronic late-stage Lyme disease, Lyme borreliosis plus three other little co-infections. I had no idea then what a difficult road recovery would be and I’m actually grateful for that. Had I have known the huge war Lyme would rage on my body and mind I probably wouldn’t have been so positive about overcoming it nor would I have persevered as I long as I did.

Fast forward a few years later, I’m a newer, much healthier version and so grateful for everything that transpired during my Lyme journey and treatment.  Lyme has changed my life in ways I never saw coming. It helped me learn some serious lessons about myself, about others and how I live my life.

Lessons Lyme Taught Me:

1) The Importance of living life in the moment- My life came to a standstill of sorts during my treatment and this was a blessing in disguise. At my sickest, there was no planning for the weekend, next month, or even next year. Life was about getting through each day. Some days getting out of bed and showering was an achievement in itself.  While at the time I was beyond frustrated with the pace of healing and how limited my life had become, being very sick taught me a valuable lesson; how to live in the now, the only place where peace can exist.

It never previously occurred to me that I could not live a peaceful existence unless I was rooted in the present moment. I now understand that living in the past, reliving past hurts and pain over and over again, simply isn’t helpful or conducive for a balanced, peaceful life.  The past has happened, it’s done, and no amount of rehashing hurts or regrets will change it. Make peace with your pain; acknowledge what has happened, accept it, forgive those who have wronged you, or even forgive yourself, and bring yourself back to the present moment. The only moment that is real.

This same awareness can be applied to worrying excessively about the future; this is just as counterproductive as living in the past.  Only now exists, and now is the only place where peace can be found. Be present in your life, no mater shows up.  Look at the works of Rumi, Buddha, Ram Dass, Osho, Sogyal Rinpoche, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle; they all seem to share a similar message.


2) I learned how to surrender– As a former control freak perfectionist, Lyme was the perfect lesson in learning how to let go of the reins and surrender completely. For three years Lyme was in charge and I struggled profusely against it. I refused to surrender to it for the longest time. I fought very hard to keep a regular life and even harder not to give up on so many things I deemed important. Things that were often at odds with healing. Only once I finally let go and stopped fighting the process and the disease did I find peace. This was huge for me. I was having a crash course in mindfulness.

Once I surrendered, things really started to change. I accepted that I was sick and that I possibly would always be sick and I had to make peace with that. I also accepted that I’d probably never teach again and possibly would never work full time again. Acceptance was the only thing left to do. If you can’t leave a situation or change it, then you have to accept it. As Tolle says ‘All else is madness.’

Learning to surrender and show equanimity has had a follow on effect in other areas of life. I understand now that most of the challenging events and people in my life are out of my control and I’m learning to be OK with that. The only thing I can control is how I respond to situations and others. Letting go and learning to be equanimous during both  challenges and successes is an on-going goal for me.



3) Life cannot be peaceful without balance- If it weren’t for Lyme I’d most certainly still be teaching and still burning the candle at both ends, living a life without a trace of balance. I feel that while I was a capable teacher, I was beyond hopeless at being a balanced employee. I loved working hard, being super organized and having everything in ‘perfect’ order. Now I shudder at the thought. Ego sure loved getting praise and accolades for my hard work too.

Post Lyme, I no longer want a job that requires me to work six days a week, work after hours and even during my holidays. I can see now that while being a workaholic perfectionist made me a pretty good employee, it failed to help make be a healthy, balanced individual. Also waking up so fatigued every day didn’t allow me to show the level of patience, kindness and compassion that my students and coworkers deserved.

I learned that if you find balance, you’ll also find peace. Whether it’s with work, relationships, friendships, family, food, or exercise. Wherever there is imbalance, work to rectify it. The more balanced I am, the more productive, happy and energetic I feel. The happier I am, the kinder and more compassionate I can be with others.

 4) Anger is a very harmful emotion- Anger is a very powerful emotion and can negatively affect not just your mind, but also your body. Because anger produces a chemical response in your body, if left unchecked or prolonged, the flood of these stress chemicals can eventually cause harm to many different systems of the body. I learned that anger and health simply cannot coexist and that carrying anger with you is incredibly self- destructive.

In reality, pain is universal, we ALL experience it, and it’s a part of being human. Unchecked, this pain and suffering can lead to anger. It seems perfectly obvious now, that by not forgiving those that caused me pain and/or suffering, I was actually the perpetrator of ongoing pain to myself. Forgiveness is the key to liberating your mind from anger and is the only way to gain peace.  Even if you’re feeling particularly bitter and don’t yet believe that the person deserves forgiveness, think of YOU. Don’t you deserve to be free of the pain?


 5) Disease is Dis-ease: During my Lyme treatment I’d cry to my husband “Why can’t I have a different disease, any disease other than Lyme?” I now understand that having a disease, any disease, means that your body and/or mind is in a state of dis-ease. It makes no difference what the type of illness you have; you are ‘without ease’. No disease is a walk in the park. But that’s the nature of illness, it forces you one way or another to make changes and evolve as a person. I’ve learned from Lyme that health is not simply the absence of disease. Rather, health should be viewed as the state in which each parts of the body are working together effortlessly and at ease. I’m not there yet, but I’m closer than I’ve ever been.

 6) The Importance of Finding the Right Doctor For you- Respect your body enough to walk away from medical care that doesn’t seem right or isn’t on par with your values and beliefs.  I had a renowned and very experienced Californian Lyme doctor when I lived in the States. Being so revered and experienced, I did whatever he said. If he instructed me to stay on a particular antibiotic, which was at toxic levels that had me up day and night with vomiting and diarrhea, then I would. No matter how sick I got, I did what he said. The unfortunate lingering result of this has been many food intolerances and a nasty Leaky Gut.

Fast-forward a few years, I’m pretty picky about who I listen to when it comes to medicine. It’s my body, I’m the one ingesting the treatment and if I think there’s a healthier, more holistic way then I’ll seek a second opinion. Luckily, I found a wonderful doctor here in Australia who was my saving grace. Since meeting her my health has improved ten-fold.  Her values are in line with mine; a healthy mind, body and spirit are needed for good health. We used regular and complementary medicine to achieve this, and I say WE because we both came up with options for treatment and she gave me the choice on which option to take. After all, it is my body, so it is my choice.

My advice for Lyme sufferers, or anyone suffering an illness, is not to focus purely on physically healing. Rather, see your illness as an opportunity to heal any areas of your life, be it emotional or spiritual, where you have an imbalance or discord.

Thankfully, it looks like the worst of my Lyme storm has passed and I feel like there’s so much to look forward to. I’ve been off medication for over a year now with no relapses. I am still living with Lyme, however my last blood work showed that I no longer have co-infections.  Yay! I am no longer plagued with chronic fatigue and I am happy to say that my ‘good’ days far out weigh the tiresome ones. Now my focus is on managing my energy levels, continued healing, meditation and mindfulness.

Namaste. May you be well.  May you be happy. May you be free from suffering.



3 thoughts on “How Lyme Disease Was The Cure For My Dis-Ease

  1. I came across your blog today, and I love it! Their are so many negative stories out there regarding Chronic Lyme. I am in the thick of treatment right now and really working on the mind/body connection, and not to fight this disease everyday! It’s so hard. What finally got you well? Were you on antibiotics for 3 years? I know I will never be the same either. I was a total type A, everything perfectly planned workaholic myself. Never again. Life is too beautiful to be missed out living like that. I look forward to following your blog 🙂

    • Hi there! So glad you enjoyed reading my blog. Funny to hear you’re a recovering workaholic too. 🙂 So I was on antibiotics (ABX) for two years in the US and then followed that up with about two years in Australia. At that point my tummy gave up and I literally couldn’t stomach it any-more and emotionally I needed a break. I was so determined to get better that I was exhausting myself.

      My Lyme doc suggested I have a break from treatment and she helped me devise a new treatment plan using only natural supplements to give my tummy time to heal. And surprisingly, I never relapsed after that. It was a very ‘slow’ recovery but I slowly got stronger and stronger and the ‘old’ me came back. I went from having a nap in AM and PM, to only needing a PM nap, to now not needing a sleep to get through the day. The neurological symptoms slowly reduced and now they’re completely gone. My hair still sheds and I hate that but I accept it.

      I think my turning point was when I surrendered and accepted that I had this disease and stopped wishing and begging to be better. I was also very lucky that my doctor had a holistic approach. From day one she told me to get my whole life in order- especially emotionally and spiritually. She told me to use this time to heal old wounds, forgive people, pray a lot, meditate and find peace. I worked very hard on having an emotional overhaul. I meditated daily for three years and now I meditate at least two times a day. That combined with early ABX treatment and supplements really helped me. And I am lucky that I was able to take three years away from work and focus on my recovery too.

      I’m so glad to hear that you’re working on your mind/body connection. It sounds like you’re already on your road to recovery. Please let me know how you go. I hope you too get your life and health back. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your richly inspiring tale of recovery. I am having the same amazing realizations you describe but mine are just recently beginning to form so your journey really helps me to solidify them. I’m so glad you wrote this blog and feel more confident that I am headed toward healing!

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